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 2002 Gay Hate Crime Murder Victim in Tucson, Arizona

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Philip Arthur Walsted

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In June of 2002,  Philip Walsted, a 24-year old Gay local man in Tucson, Arizona, was murdered in a brutal and very violent murder. Mr. Walsted was beaten to death. Reports verified there were injuries to over 50 places on Walsted's body, including numerous injuries to his head.

The crime started out as a robbery, but quickly the killer David Higdon's Nazi beliefs, his perceived need to kill a Gay Man to prove himself to the Nazi's,  and his hatred of Gay People were the causes of the murder.

Philips many friends, loved ones, family, and those he worked and came in contcat with all described Philip Walsted as a fun-loving, sweet and innocent young man.
A memorial was created in the municipal Catalina Park in Tucson, Arizona to honor and remember Philip.

David Higdon, the man convicted of killing Philip Walsted, was sentenced to life in prison where he now lives out his life in a very small concrete walled prison cell, sleeping in a metal bunk, on one relatively thin sleeping pad, less than 3 feet away from an older man, who is stronger, more powerfull & persuasive, more manipulative to get want he wants, and brings back small 'pats' of greasy butter from the prisioners chow hall after every meal...

Many from Tucson and beyond continue to make regular visits and pilgrimages to Philip Walsted's Memorial which is located and perpetually maintained in the municipal park. 


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