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  Tucson Gay Museum Memorium Wall Exhibit   
 Tucson Gay Museum -  Memorium Wall Exhibit

 Gay Hate Crime Police Scene        
 1976-2011 Arizona Gay Hate Crimes
& Murders In Arizona

Photo of Richard Heakin Tucson Gay Murder Victim   
Richard Heakin Archives©

 Tucson Gay Newsletter Logo
1976-1977 Tucson Gay Newsletter Archives®©

1976-1978  Tucson Gay Coalition  Archives®© 

 Gay Community Services of Tucson Copyrighted Photo   
1976 - 1984  Gay Community Services [Gay Community Center in Tucson] Archives®©

 Arizona Gay News Trademarked Copyrighted Logo                                                                    1977-1982  Arizona Gay News  Archives®©

1979 Gay Lesbian Rights March On Washington D.C.                                                                       1979 Tucson In Gay Rights March On Washington D.C. Archives®©

Tucson Gay Museum Memory Lane Exhibits Trademarked Copyrighted Logo
A Few Who Shaped Tucson's Gay Lesbian LGBT+ Community In The 1940's To 1990's®©


Tucson Desert Leathermen Archives®©

 1982-1983  The New Paper Archives®©


 1983-1984  The Attitude Archives®©
Tucson Observer Archives Logo                                                              

1984 - 2011  The Observer, aka Tucson Observer,
aka Weekly Observer

Philip Walsted Archives®©
 1988 - 2014   Wingspan Archives®©
1988 - 1989   The Western Express Archives®©

1974 - 2015  Tucson Gay Youth Group - Tucson Lesbian & Gay Youth Group - Queer Voice - EON Youth Group Archives®©                                                            

 2004  Ruby Fruit Archives®©
2010 - 2011   It Gets Better Project Video Archives

 2012   Tucson Observer  Archives®©
Tucson GAY Museum 2011 DASH 4 EON Youth Group Fundraiser Event Copyrighted Photo 
Around Gay Tucson®    2011 DASH 4 EON Youth Group Event®©

 2011 - 2012   Out West Tucson Show Series Collection©

 George Soto Archives Copyrighted Photo                                                                 
George Ignacio Soto Collection®©

AIDS Ribbon Tucson Collection©

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Channel 2

Channel 3

Famous Gays In History

Those We Have Lost To AIDS

Collections Of Other LGBTQ Communities:


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This Museum is dedicated to all those of the Tucson Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual+ Community that have come before, are here now, and will take our places in the future of Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.